Fun for Kids

The wonderful tree tunnel!!!

Walking through the tree tunnel, 
following the clues and finding a treat!

Well..........                           HOW ABOUT THIS!!!

 Children's craft day!

Enjoying some hot cocoa and cookies
after finding just the right tree!

Warming barn with hot cocoa and cookies
   Grandma and her Granddaughter helpers!

Santa welcoming visitors

Bringing home the perfect tree with a little help!

Santa looking for his reindeer... and some snow!

Enjoying the hot-dog roast by the fire!
See our schedule of Special Events,
days and time for the hot-dog roast this year.

There is more then one way to enjoy the
lollipop tree!!!

Looking for the right size tree...

Kids enjoying a little extra fun...

Now that's a big tree!

Santa with really cute baby!!!
Santa with really cute baby!

Fun for the whole family!

Girl finding purple bell on Christmas Tree = $1 off tree
                                      and you keep for tree ornament!